How to:

Tape those hard working FEET

We'll show you how to get back on your feet after an injury.  People need you!

"The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art." - Leonardo Da Vinci

Below we have videos with expert Physical Therapists showing you how to properly apply Thrive "Far Infrared" Kinesiology Tape (or any kinesio tape really) for maximum muscle support and for preventing further injury before your body is ready for more stress.  

HOWEVER, Thrive Tape is unique in that you can simply apply it to the area of pain too!

How to apply kinesio tape to your FEET

Click on the video below for your particular area of discomfort.

Get inspired by people who have found relief from foot discomfort

As a tennis instructor, the health of my feet are not only critical but really important for me to enjoy the game too.  Sometimes when I feel my ankles started to get stressed, I'll put Thrive Tape over the area between matches and my feet seem to be able to last much, much longer.  I'm also not thinking about them and can focus on my strategy.

Cathy L., Windermere FL

Thrive Tape has been a Great find!! So happy I tried it on my ankle that tends to be stiff and painful during workouts due to an injury that left me with metal bolts , screws and plate. With the tape I find myself in less pain and much more mobility because it adds support in the spots I need it and very comfortable! I recommend this tape over any other brand you find at your local stores because it's on a much higher level when it comes Quality and Effectiveness!

Carissa at an EDS tradeshow with her ankles taped